About Art in Common Cause

Art in Common Cause seeks to bring artists and art patrons together in support of nonprofit organizations. This partnership reinforces the idea that we have agency and are not alone.

How we work
Art in Common Cause creates group pop-up benefit exhibitions. The exhibiting artists choose an individual cause. If an artist’s work sells during the show, net proceeds (75-100%) are donated to that artist’s cause.

The beneficiary and percentage of donation is set by the artist not Art in Common Cause, NFP. Art in Common Cause provides the support structure and hosts each exhibition through a combination of in-kind and monetary donations that are designed to cover overhead.

Four Goals plus one

  • First, bring artists and art patrons together in common cause.
  • Second, foster a community of people with overlapping objectives and empowering them to act.
  • Third, encourage artists and art patrons to cultivate an “inner environment” for discourse that encompasses social, environmental and artistic issues.
  • Fourth, offer direct financial support to charities and organizations that defend society and protect the environment, who find themselves challenged by changes in public funding.
  • Finally, to disseminate the guidelines for group pop-up exhibitions to be replicated across the country.

Art in Common Cause, NFP
James Deeb, Founder & President

Board of Directors
Linda Rivera, Vice President
Arlene Hedgecock, Treasurer
Doug Reitz, Secretary

Art in Common Cause, NFP was incorporated in 2017 in Illinois and is in the process of obtaining status as a 501(c) (3) publicly supported organization by the IRS.