Brenda Moore


The Misunderstood Energy of Jetta

Lithograph printed on Somerset 100% cotton rag
24″ x 30″

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Artist Statement

In 2014 I was awarded a grant from the Chicago DCASE to work with Anchor Graphics on a stone lithography project. The project with Anchor allowed me to draw on the stones while they took care of the complexities of etching and printing the editions. This two year project resulted in a series of five editioned prints. The Misunderstood Energy of Jetta was the largest and last stone taking 3-4 months to complete.

The Misunderstood Energy of Jetta features a thoroughbred mare named Jetta let loose in Marie Antoinette’s private apartments at Versailles. The real Jetta is a thoroughbred ex-racehorse mare rescued by Blue Star Equiculture, a non profit rescue farm for work horses located in Massachusetts which will be the recipient of the full proceeds from the sale of this print. After joining the herd there this competitive horse created quite a stir chasing the bigger draft horses around wanting to start a race. She is a true upstart!

Below is a description of Jetta who eventually received a forever home through the aid of Blue Star Equiculture:

She is swift and fluid and wired in a way that electricity (or spirit) flows easily through her and some days she is literally too hot to handle! She teaches us everyday about the amazing creatures horses are and how finely shaped they are for what their jobs are. Thoroughbreds came about in 1700’s in response to Royals taking a liking to racing. TB’s have always been racers, it is what they have been bred for and it is what they love. Jetta, everyday dances around her little herd hoping to start a race with ANYONE. Some days you can just tell that she would LOVE to be in with the young big guys to give them a real run for their money, but that would not be wise on our part, she might give them literal heart attacks! She does have a complicated past and not at all pretty and nice but she is here now and we will not let her go until we are sure she has a permanent forever home.

– Pamela Rickenback Blue Star Equiculture.

Brenda Moore appears courtesy of Linda Warren Projects.

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All proceeds of Brenda Moore’s artwork to benefit Blue Star Equiculture.


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