Deanna Krueger



Graphite, mica, shellac on HDPE fibers on clayboard panel
12″ x 12″

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Artist Statement

I work abstractly in a variety of media. My recent series of work, Liminal, refers to the threshold between now and the future. In this challenging time of climate change and rising global temperatures, we must be vigilant to protect our environment, and seek more sustainable policies from federal, state and local government, and industrial corporations.

My artistic process begins with manipulating and transforming a layer of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) fibers mounted on clayboard panels. Once the desired surface is achieved I apply layers of pigments. I find inspiration in microscopic views of cellular structures and growth patterns, as well as macroscopic images of earth’s terrain and surfaces found on other celestial bodies.

Striving for the elusive and the intangible, my work explores the boundaries between reality and that which is not yet known. It evokes a multitude of associations: fossilized life forms, otherworldly geological formations, surreal vegetation, scientific imagery of the miniscule, visions of the cosmos. I am interested in humanity’s collective search for meaning in the absurdity that is this life, and in the pleasure to be found in the various manifestations of that search.

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All proceeds of Deanna Krueger’s artwork to benefit the National Resources Defense Council.


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