Gunjan Kumar


What Lies Beneath (no. 1)

Turmeric, Earth Minerals and Fine Muslin on Mulberry Paper pasted on Canvas
14″ x 11″

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Artist Statement

This work is part of a series called Hara which is an inquiry in Non-Duality. In this work What Lies Beneath, an attempt is made to inform and conceal the form simultaneously evoking a sense of mystery and presence at the same time. Cones, that are part of most compositions, are made by hand by rotating matter in circular motion like a whirling dervish, a ritualistic practice common among eastern cultures. It symbolizes the concept of Zero, a point of unison of mind and spirit.

Gunjan Kumar is born and raised in Punjab, India. She is a textile graduate and has keen interest in age-old methods, archeology, pre-historic and tribal arts. She has traveled extensively exploring her interest in these areas. These experiences form the undertone of her artistic practice. Self taught in arts, she uses ground earth and minerals like shell oysters, clay, calcium carbonate, turmeric etc. as her core mediums, applied on Japanese paper, using a self-developed technique inspired by traditional methods. She is a fellow at the Edward Albee Foundation ( 2016 – 2017), New York. In 2017, her works have been showcased at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago Art Department, Donnelley Foundation, Chicago and Victorian House Art Gallery, Bourbonnais, Illinois. She lives and works in Chicago.

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