Judith Roston Freilich


Journal Drawing, No. 68

Mixed media and crackle paint on sanded paper
7″ x 10″

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Judith Roston Freilich’s works on paper and textiles are inspired by the characteristics and life cycles of organisms. Her work focuses on their story and evolution. The media chosen relates directly to the wide range of feelings and emotions that the artist wants to convey about the organisms and the world in which they exist. As the work is created, the history of the process becomes an important part— a remnant from a moment in time. A Chicago native, Roston Freilich has been represented by Chicago galleries for thirty-five years with solo shows. She exhibited at The Art Institute of Chicago and has shown nationally. Her work is in multiple permanent collections. She is currently a member of Dialogue Chicago’s artists’ discussions, and Space 900, a co-operative gallery.

Roston Freilich has always advocated integrating the arts into everyday life, bringing art into classrooms and blending visual arts and music. She has led creativity workshops and helped high schoolers integrate their passion for visual arts into their lives.

Roston Freilich earned a BFA and merit-based scholarship award from Washington University in St. Louis, and a graduate degree in printmaking with Misch Kohn from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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