Karen Perl (2)


The Clarke House

Oil on linen
12″ x 16″

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Additional information

Karen Perl began her studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago while still in grade school. After several years in various colleges studying everything from physics to psychology, she finally returned to the Art Institute, where she earned a degree in drawing and painting. An exchange program took her to Dublin, Ireland, for a year. There, inspired by a foggy, dreamy landscape and under a spell of homesickness, she began to paint from her dreams and imagination. Years later, warm golden sunlight brought her outdoors with her easel for a two year period in the south of France. But her relationship to the mystical, emotional dimension of painting that she took refuge in while in Ireland would come to life again. After nearly 10 years of painting in the streets of Chicago, she brought her easel back inside. Cityscapes began to morph into dreamscapes, no longer merely descriptive of a physical location, but something deeper and mysterious.

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All proceeds of Karen Perl’s artwork to benefit Direct Relief.


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