Ken Avick


In Becky’s Room #4

Acrylic on canvas
36″ x 28″

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Artist Statement
My current paintings feature a figure/figures in a world that is very strange; the subjects are my two children. In some pieces, the figures reside in landscapes of jagged mountains, winding paths, and anthropomorphic forms. More recently the figures are placed against a stage; on a raised platform or stairs; bizarre forms (animal-like, toy-like, with gaping mouths, holes and moving appendages) interact. The forms may be colorful and funny, but they are also missing body parts and facial features. While the subjects may not be reacting to their surroundings, they cannot escape them. In some of my pictures, the figures are in front; in others, they are hiding behind these strange forms. The environment is overwhelming, much as sounds, smells, touches, can be overwhelming for someone with autism. I am attempting to make metaphorically visual the internal forces my children live with.

The paintings can be viewed as fun fantasies or surreal nightmares. With their intense color and size, the fantasy forms can seem more real than the less colorful human forms. Indeed, feelings can seem more intense than things one can touch. While these paintings relate to my particular situation, they are open to a range of interpretations. We are all disabled in some way. Our lives often feel surreal, conflicted and chaotic.

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