Kunal Sen


September 30

Oil on canvas
36″ x 36″

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Artist Statement

Until recently I was a computer scientist and a technologist, except for pursuing art as a passionate hobby. That changed in 2012 when making art became my primary focus. My art is mostly conceptual. I never felt there is a big difference between how, as a scientist, I understood the world around me, and how I perceive my world artistically — just two different viewpoints, complimenting each other. We are living in a very exciting time, where with every passing day, we are witnessing more holes to appear in the walls that separate art, science, and philosophy.

I never allow myself to be bothered by whether I have a distinctive style. I would rather create a wide variety of work until my imagination runs out. I would be most happy if some day people say that my style is lack of one. Having started a little late in my life, I cannot afford the luxury of taking a specific style and perfecting it through repeated trials. I would rather try as many different things and accept the fact that they might not achieved perfection.

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Net proceeds of Kunal Sen’s artwork to benefit Pratham.


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