Linda Rivera


High Wire

25″ x  19.25″

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Artist Statement

Much of my work stems from an interest in both memory and dreams. Memories can take on very subjective characteristics, at times triggering vivid, but not completely accurate experiences, or becoming faint, almost non-existent. Dreams have a tendency to assemble and rearrange our thoughts, gathering bits in unusual ways. High Wire was created during a period when birds dominated my dream cycle. I often wondered if what I dreamt was in fact memory.

There’s a visual quality that I’m able to capture through monotype printmaking that’s not unlike these fading moments. I enjoy the tactile aspect of manipulating the ink and the media’s immediacy. It forces the hand to not linger at length or over-work a piece. That quality pushes me to react quickly and to make connections in a short amount of time. There’s a satisfaction in grasping for those thoughts that forever want to slip away, but even more gratification in what has just been revealed.

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All proceeds of Linda Rivera’s artwork to benefit Direct Relief (Puerto Rico).


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