Lisa Goesling


Is Spontaneous Combustion Real?

20″ x 17″ (framed)
Black scratchboard with black satin enamel paint


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Artist Statement

Lisa Goesling microscopically penetrates nature and abstracts for their aesthetic value. She creates hyper-detailed renderings of her observations on an untraditional support, rather than the expected canvas or paper, she uses black scratchboards that are composed of Kaolin Clay covered with dark India ink. Exquisitely meticulous visions unfold through her painstaking technique. Using and X-ACTO knife, she etches her design on the black surface ink through which the image bursts forth from the white clay. In some instances, colored inks will be added to give luster and depth to her ecological visions.

The passion for making art came early to Ms. Goesling. At the age of twelve, she attended art classes at the School of the Art Institute. Before devoting herself full-time as an artist, she ran her own graphic design firm. Over the past decade she has won prestigious awards and fellowships, and her work has been requested for countless exhibitions throughout the country.

Ms. Goesling assiduously presents various botanic elements in her art; a leaf replete of intricate patterns, tree bark of variegated textures, and cabbage formed of white and black ripples. Nature is the catalyst for her art, paying tribute to our living ecology, capturing fleeting forms for eternity. In some instances, she adapts nature’s lines into abstract images that pay homage to their botanic core.

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All proceeds of Lisa Goesling’s artwork to benefit Heartland Alliance.


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